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American Academy of Protective Training has been providing cutting edge tactical training, instruction and on-site advisory assistance for Police, Military and Special Response Teams worldwide for more than 20 years. We have earned an outstanding reputation with operators as a demanding and prestigious training academy. Our programs are both realistic and demanding. Our staff has trained thousands of police officers, soldiers and security personnel from the U.S. and operators from over 30 different countries. We are extremely proud of the quality of instruction we offer. Tactical Teams worldwide have rated our programs as the very best they have ever experienced. We are professionals who look for, expect, and achieve outstanding progression from our students.



Certain courses taught at AAPT and any publications associated with this training may contain ITAR controlled technical data as defined by 22 CFR 120.10 and may not be forwarded or disclosed to any Foreign Person, as defined at 22 CFR 120.16, without the authorization of the United States Department of State.

The links below will provide an overview of the courses we offer. See course schedule page for available course dates. Please contact us if you would like information on any of our courses or services. Our CCR CAGE Number is 3DZV7


The rise of extremism both overseas and here in the United States has driven the need for trained protection officers to new heights. Threats from criminal organizations, extremist groups and terrorist operatives are increasing both at home and abroad. High level  threats against witnesses, suspects, judges, visiting dignitaries and other government officials can only be dealt with by highly trained operators. These operators act as a very effective deterrent to  violence against a principle, or in extreme situations a shield against a direct attack. From everyday low level escorts to high profile protective details, the training delivered by AAPT is by far the best for your money. 

Course includes range work, classroom, and a final training exercise in town. This training module encompasses a wide variety of essential skills for personnel operating on a protective detail. Richard F. Moreno and the other instructors on this course have worked VIP details in the most high risk areas of the world, and we promise to give you the most up to date, cutting edge VIP Protection training you will find anywhere.

50 Hour Certificate provided upon successful course completion.


Extensive Live Fire                                          Overseas Travel

Counter Attack Drills                                        Travel Security

Organization of a Protective Detail                Estate Security                               

Walking Drills                                                    Compound Security

Close Protection Drills                                    Motorcade Procedures

Advance Work                                                    Embuss Procedures  

Explosive Device Recognition                        Debuss Procedures

Vehicle Drills                                                     Counter Ambush Drills

Final Training Exercise


1. Handgun & holster  

2. 3 Magazines minimum

3. Ammunitions - 500 rounds

4. BDU’S or other normal dress for the range

5. Concealment Garment (Like BDU Top)

6. Concealment Holster (recommended)

7. Body armor

8. One suit & tie or sports coat & slacks with tie (For FTX)

9. Flashlight 10. Handcuffs 

11. Folding knife 12. Eye / Ear Protection

Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military, Gov't Agencies, and Security Professionals

Price: $500.00

AAPT Training Application


The main goal of this 5 day course is to pass on the skills necessary to plan and execute a mission in order to protect a dignitary, prisoner or witness who may have a threat against themselves or the entity they represent.

This program will be geared towards operations in a permissive environment and the students will be required to put in long hours in order to plan, prepare and successfully complete a challenging final exercise.


  • Introduction to terrorism
  • Selection of dignitary protection personnel
  • Essential equipment
  • Organization of a dignitary protection team
  • Dignitary protection security survey
  • Interviewing the Principal
  • Foot formations
  • Defensive tactics
  • Attacks on the Principal
  • Route survey and security selection
  • Venue advance survey
  • Vehicle arrival and departure drills
  • Vehicle motorcade drills
  • Dignitary protection operation orders
  • Explosive / IED awareness
  • Vehicle counter ambush drills
  • Residential security

Final Training Exercise


  1. Pistol with 100 rds of ammo / 2 magazines minimum
  2. Carbine with 300 rds of ammo / 3 magazines minimum
  3. Clothing for final exercise - dress slacks, collar shirt, dress jacket, dress shoes (no jeans permitted)
  4. Range training uniform with zip or button up jacket to cover hip holster (no pullover jackets)
  5. Concealable hip holster / magazine pouch
  6. Body armor
  7. Laptop (optional)
  8. Duration: 5 days
  9. Students: 8 Min - 14 Max

Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military, Gov't Agencies, and Security Professionals

Price: $750.00

AAPT Training Application

AAPT CQB                                          INSTRUCTOR COURSE

This course is designed specifically for certified firearms instructors who will be responsible for the safety, design and conduct of live fire CQB training. Students will leave this course with a thorough understanding of how to prepare, present, conduct, and supervise all facets of CQB range fire and room combat drills conducted both day and night.

This course is a must for serious trainers who are concerned for the safety of both their SWAT officers and other personnel involved in the training. Each student must attain the required standards for weapon handling, close quarter tactical shooting, and close quarter tactical drills, to successfully complete the course.

  1. Instructor traits
  2. Range safety and training design
  3. Tactical shooting (pistol / carbine or SMG)
  4. Presentation of range lessons
  5. Target placement
  6. Shoot house design
  7. Room combat (live fire)
  8. Presentation of CQB  lessons
  9. Distraction device deployment
  10. Ballistic shield drills
  11. Night exercises
  12. Design and presentation of tactical assault courses
  13. Vehicle counter-ambush drills
  14. Explosive breaching (instructor led)


  • Pistol / 3 magazines and 200 rounds of ammunition
  • Holster and magazine pouch
  • Carbine or SMG /3 magazines and 700 rounds of ammunition
  • Sling and magazine pouch
  • White light  for carbine or SMG
  • Ear and eye protection
  • Wet weather gear
  • Cleaning kit
  • Range training uniform
  • Body armor

    Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military, Gov't Agencies, and Security Professionals

    Price: $850.00

    AAPT Training Application



The aim of this 4 day course is to qualify select personnel as Mechanical & Ballistic Breaching Instructors. Students will be versed in the correct and safe use of breaching tools as well as the 12 gauge breaching shotgun. Additionally they will be afforded the opportunity to plan, prepare and present lessons pertaining to this subject.

On successful completion of this course, the officers will have the necessary knowledge and skills in order to educate their officers in this skill set.


  1. History and theory and non-explosive methods of entry
  2. Equipment selection
  3. Carriage of tools and shotgun
  4. Breaching inward opening doors
  5. Breaching outward opening doors
  6. Ballistic breaching techniques
  7. Planning considerations
  8. Scenario based training
  9. Lesson plan development
  10. Presentation of lesson plans


  • Range training uniform (long sleeve)
  • Nomex gloves
  • Body armor with Molle attachments (no armor plates)
  • Tactical belt
  • Eye & ear protection (clear lenses or goggles)
  • Helmet
  • Weapon (rifle or pistol - no ammunition)

Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military, Gov't Agencies, and Security Professionals

Price: $750.00

AAPT Training Application

NRA Law Enforcement Instructor Development Schools

NRA Law Enforcement Firearm Instructor Development Schools develop and enhance both instructor skills and firearm handling  skills of all students so they can effectively teach their officers to win lethal encounters. These schools are intended for public and private law enforcement officers and military personnel who are currently assigned, or about to be assigned, duties as law enforcement  firearm instructors. 

The curriculum is designed to prepare students to develop and conduct safe, effective, reality-based and agency-related firearm training, Classroom instruction and practical exercises on the range provide a model for students to use in building their own agency programs. In addition, the school will enhance each student's firearm knowledge and handling skills. All classes and range exercises are conducted at the instructor level, with students conducting many of 

the range exercises to gain experience. Students are exposed to a wide variety of shooting techniques, training methods, and tactical philosophies, which allows them to choose what best serves their students.

Each of our Instructor Development Schools consists of a minimum of forty-four (44) contact hours during a five (5) day school. "Contact hours" refers to actual instructional time in the classroom and on

the range, and does not include travel time between the lodging and training site, meal times, or range clean-up. Classes will be conducted from approximately 0800 to 1800 hours, Monday through Friday, plus one late night, (two late nights in the Tactical Shooting Instructor), to accommodate reduced light shooting. 100% attendance and participation is MANDATORY for successful school completion. Students must demonstrate teaching and shooting proficiency and pass a written examination in all of the schools.

Restrictions: Law Enforcement, Military, Gov't Agencies, and Security Professionals

Price: $700.00 

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